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ILF Technologies Invests in “SolidWorks 3D" Cad Software

ILF Technologies announces it has made a substantial investment in new state of the art, "3D" modeling CAD software. The "SolidWorks" program ( purchased thru Graphic Systems ( takes our engineering capability to a new level. The new software system will take about a year to fully implement, but the benefits are huge for both our internal design cycle time, overall design quality, and our ability to support our customers.

The new system will streamline the entire timeline from design conception to a manufacturing bill of material. It will also let us make universal changes to our drawing data base, another big time saver.

The program will give our customers great instructional tools for understanding assemblies and parts locations. We will be able to send an assembly drawing to our users that can be rotated and viewed as an actual piece with assembly/disassembly animation tools.

ILF Technologies is a world-leading supplier of web finishing solutions for the printing and converting industries with over 500 installations worldwide.

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