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ILF has optimized gluing technology by packaging in specific forms for sensitive uses. These designs are used for specialized needs that may encompass a dedicated application. These applications may include a custom formula of fluid for exacting requirements.

Applications Include:

  • Microburst - Dedicated Fragrance Lines
  • Scratch Offs
  • Checkbook Applications - Glue Carbonless
  • Portable Requirements
  • Specialty Fluids

ILF will work with your fluid supplier to develop a gluer specifically for your application. Viscosity, evaporation rates, distribution, and reaction to rollers and materials will be itemized and reviewed to develop a solution to your specific requirements.

Most of these applications require custom installation and independent drive technology. Full application requirements must be furnished prior to a request for quotation.

Remoistenable Pattern Gluer / Coater

ILF Remoistenable Gluers are the results of 30 years of evolutionary change. There are many “Gregg” gluers still performing in the field today supported by ILF parts and service.


By “listening to printers,” the problems encountered in pattern gluing through increased press speeds have been addressed systematically. Improved and affordable metal alloys, custom cylinder ratios, and effective use of chill water are just a few of the combinations we utilize to build the best gluers for your application. These gluers are placed prior to the dryer for applications such as remoistenable glue for envelopes, microencapsulated scents, scratch offs for game cards, peel off labels and aqueous spot coating. Gluers are available in standard web widths and cut-offs to fit all web press sizes. Cylinder diameters and ratios are proportional to speed and application. These gluers were the first to feature an anti-offset glass bead impregnated impression cylinder. Naturally, they all include full circumferential and side-lay register.


ILF Gluer Design Features:

  • All pan rollers are motorized, variable speed and reversible with a robust industrial grade control package. This feature allows multiple liquids of various viscosities to run effectively by simply changing roller speed.

  • Continuous motion of the pan roller and metered recirculation of the applied fluid through our custom designed reservoirs are the most effective way to stabilize temperature thereby reducing evaporation. Although this method was incorporated at Baldwin-ILF many years ago, the new hype term is “The Sunday Drive”.
  • These gluers were the first to offer skewing of the pan roller. This center cocking feature assures the finest adjustability for controlling the thickness of the material to be transferred. Naturally, like all these original features is also on the fly adjustable.
  • Depending upon application, segmented rollers and pans may be incorporated.
  • All transfer cylinders are sized to assure fresh liquid transfer to the plate cylinder pads. Roller diameters are designed to provide a non repeatable pattern.
  • Water cooled transfer rollers were incorporated many years ago to stabilize the aqueous material by maintaining an optimum temperature.
  • Edge containment is accomplished through years of experience. Proven wipers and enclosure positions are effective without requiring on the fly adjustments.
  • Glue pad mounting preferences vary from plant to plant. ILF provides a variety of methods including, locator grid plate cylinders and conventional lock-up plate cylinders. These cylinders are undercut to accommodate the glue pad thickness.
  • Glue pumps, reservoirs and pans are furnished specifically for the application. Water cooling and recirculation are not the only issues in effective handling of the applied solutions.
  • All ILF gluers have appropriate running adjustment features for infinite, precise fluid film thickness and transfer through micro-adjustment control of the transfer, glue pan and plate cylinders.
  • Quick release pans assure easy clean up after the run.

    ILF High Speed Servo Drive Gluer on a Sunday Press 

    Wet Gluer with Plow

    This equipment combination is generally part of and inline finishing system. The plow folding section shown in the front is used in conjunction with the gluer and perforator package to produce more than just envelopes. By utilizing the plow section and segmented glue pans, micro-burst products may also be produced.


    This system is shown with a rotary perforator located below the gluer. Combination designs are becoming popular as they conserve valuable floor space. This modular concept provides all the operational functions of separate units without compromising availability to the operator. Both the gluer and the perforator in this combination are available with all the features and options listed in their specific category.


    The folding module includes a driven draw roller and air loaded trolleys. Additional folding heads are available optionally for multiple stream applications. Motorized plows are optionally available as with any ILF folding module.


    The glue unit is reversible. This added flexibility allows glue to be applied on either side of the web by reversing the web lead. Optionally shown are bypass rollers for upper or lower web configurations. Both the gluer and the perforator may be run individually. These units are stackable for multiple web applications.

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