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Pre Folders

ILF has a variety of prefolders for increasing flexibility by adding products to your exising folders.  Since the first static plow shoe was positioned over a folder, the concept has expanded through the use of ribbon shifting and spine gluing.  The advent of pinless folders has again created opportunity to produce finished gate folded products at full press speeds through the use of prefolders.

By  using this concept on combination folders, a myriad of new product possibilities appear.  The cross fold functions of the jaw cylinders immediately increase the page count and booklet format.  Eight to twenty-four page formats became possible.

For high quality coated products, we can incorporate the Geo Folding techniques to reduce marking often the results of other plow fold methods.  These folding heads also simplify operation and reduce web outs.  There is only one lateral setting.  Many systems run in conjunction with 3-knife trimmers at the folder delivery to provide a finished size product. 

As an added service, we offer a comprehensive layout manual for "pick a product".  This feature takes the guess work out of set up by showing step by step formatting for the chosen product.

ILF one again improves on a great idea.  The combination of servo drive and geo fold reconfigures the prefolding concept to make our designs the most versatile and reliable you can purchase.

ILF Prefolder Features

  • Driven and hardened pull rollers with pneumatic trolleys
  • Creasing and slitting with running sidelay
  • Quick set motorized angle bars
  • Angle bars are reversible through inverting the mounts
  • Rapid make-ready

Optionally Available

  • Intermittent or continuous inline gluing
  • Hotmelt
  • Cross gluing
  • Motorized folding heads
  • Variable gain
  • Platforms and ladders
  • Cut off controls
  • Additional remote stations
  • Custom configurations

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