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Rotary Cutters

Much has changed since Gregg Engineering introduced the first gap cutter over 35 years ago. Continued improvements through Baldwin ILF increased speed and versatility. A variable gap, rotary cutter is the most important part of any system in producing press finished products at speed, economically. ILF has again gone to the next level of technology by completely redesigning the Model 1600 cutter and delivery. The M2 increases reliability and throughput without compromising the most widely used cutting technique in the industry. The M2 was introduced in 2003 and is most competitive in price. The M2 and the XTC delivery system both feature modern, name brand PC and PLC packages to assure longevity and local support if required. Most importantly, the M2 retains the “soft-cut” method of cutting. The “patented soft-cut” is the most economical and dependable cutting system used in this industry. This flexible cutting technique continues to be developed and has been improved through generations of use. There are many items that reflect total cost to produce a press finished product. Make-ready cost has many issues other than simply time to mount knives. It is important to be subjective in selecting a system and to include all costs including the ongoing cost to operate.

M2 Advantages & Features:

Paper Input:

  • The first cutter to feature a driven trolley system to drive the upper and lower surface of the product at the same speed. This results in positive tension control with less trolley pressure regardless of stock type or thickness.

  • Plasma traction infeed roller for positive drive on UV or aqueous coated stocks.

  • Slitters moved to the gathering module resulting in safer web-up.

  • Variable speed gain control.


  • Superior graphics in set-up screens are easy to read. All information regarding the knife adjustments, pressure settings, gain and count is show. Switching between screens for other information is simple.
  • By selecting a common trim, master positioning of knife locations is accomplished through an automated program to exacting tolerances. The cylinder automatically and rapidly homes to the proper knife position for standard or non standard formats.
  • Motorized pin wheels are 1:1 ratio to the plate. Pin requirements are half the amount of double diameter anvils.
  • Chip ejection is positively driven down and under the cutter by belts. The pins automatically retract under the belts to produce a positive ejection of the trim without the need for strippers or brushes.
  • The XTC Belt delivery table uses a stout full bodied shaft with opposing brush wheels for positive tail arrest. This is superior to large and cumbersome 4 around timing devices that must be changed for different product formats. The M2 programming automatically sets the brush shaft ratio to the selected product format.



  • Self diagnostic features incorporated in the screen provide constant status of the system and will display fault messages to protect your equipment.
  • The first cutter to use double eccentric bearings for rigid and reliable cylinder positions. No thermal stabilization needed.
  • 360 degree circumferential cylinder positioning for optimum print to cut register. Smooth anvil assures a new cutting position by re-indexing.
  • Segmented anti-backlash gears are hardened for longevity.
  • The entire gear assembly is enclosed and uses an oil bath for optimal lubrication.
  • Precise “on the run” knife pressure adjustment maximizes knife life and assures constant cut quality.
  • Robust Servo motor controlled knife and pin wheel phasing.

Patented "Soft Cut" System:



  • This long established technique does not require expensive thermal stabilization of the cutting and anvil cylinders. This immediately reduces the initial purchase cost of the M2.
  • The "soft-cut" is mounted to a cutting cylinder using mechanical dovetail clamps.  An opposing hardened smooth anvil provides the opposing cutting surface.  The M2 anvil may be re-indexed at will to provide a new cutting surface.  This is not possible on cutters that are required to keep cutting and anvil cylinders in time for pins and trim removal.
  • The M2's smooth anvil reduces fluting time and material compared to anvils that must also serve as transfer points for the gap chip removal.
  • The "soft cut" blocks are re-usable and the blades may be replaced within your own facility, making this reliable system the most widely used in the industry.
  • Contour cutting is available for simple patterns at a fraction of the cost of hard tooling.

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