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Combination Batching and Deep Pile Sheeters

ILF/Evtec is the only company who can offer sheeters that allow you to:

Have both deep pile and batching functionality initially

Future provision for batching when you buy a deep pile machine

Future provision for deep pile delivery when you buy a batching machine

Be sure to ask us about configuring your machine as a combination unit which allows you to change over from a cut size batching sheeter to a skid delivery deep pile (or a skid delivery deep pile to a batching sheeter) machine in under 30 minutes - without moving major pieces in and out. With this feature you have a sheeter system with combination cut ream batching and deep pile skid capabilities in one unit.


In Batch Delivery Mode:

  • Produces cut sheets up to 18" (457mm) long
  • Produces stacks up to 14" (356mm) high
  • Batches reams with sheet counts from 15 to 3,500
  • Changes over to skid delivery mode in as little as 30 minutes
  • Standard machine widths are 26.5" (673mm), 33" (673mm), 38" (965mm), and 60" (1524mm)

In Deep Pile Mode:

  • Deep pile sheet lengths to 28" (711mm) and widths to 38" (965mm)
  • Deep pile stack heights up to 36" (914mm)
  • Capable of producing single or multiple stream skid stacks

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