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Kicker Delivery Table


The XTC Kicker Delivery Table is unquestionably the most advanced product handling system for variable sized products. Proven ILF sheeting technology was used to create this hybrid delivery. Effective delivery is a function of precise and gentle multi-stream product control. This delivery utilizes a multi-stage slow down to gently reduce the product speed without relying solely on stopping the head of the product. This proven sheeter technology reaches into the cutter to receive the products very close to the cylinder pinch points. As the M2 Rotary Cutter uses simplified fluting patterns, complex corrugation of the product is not as necessary to transfer to the throat of the delivery table. The throat is fully adjustable on the run for proper grip of the product to delivery it from the cutting cylinders. This funnel arrangement transfers to a solid lower belt without touching a head stop. A rotary servo driven brush momentarily arrests the tail of the product to remove the inertia prior to shingle formation. Head stops are not required. Squaring wheels are used to align the shingle prior to moving to the spreader section delivery belts. This spreader section is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of stacking equipment. There is no mechanical drive connection between the cutter and delivery. Separate industrial grade drives are furnished for each belt stage. The brush shaft is motorized and may be advanced or retarded on the run for fine tuning relative to the product sizes.


XTC Multi-Stage Belt Delivery Advantages & Features:

  • Automatically indexed and variable, tail arrest brush shaft with double mounted brushes are programmed through the cutter for all products reducing set-up time. No need to add or remove multiple brush fingers.
  • Full bodied effective design does not rely on mass. Release of one locking lever and a simple push moves the table away on low friction track wheels for cutter access. This eliminates the need for automation to move more massive, heavy framed tables to gain access to the cutting head.
  • Pneumatic lift available for separator conveyor eliminating the need to move the stacker.
  • Push button phasing control.
  • On the run adjustment for throat and squeeze of the product.
  • Independent drives at each stage for maximum control.
  • Jam clearance includes acceleration to maximum belt speed and upper belt throw-off.
  • Completely isolated electronics. The table is also monitored through the cutter interface.
  • Extremely flexible. May be retrofitted to existing cutters with minor modifications.

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