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Closed End Mailers


ILF Technologies provides an excellent solution for sensitive and confidential direct mail products. The CEM (closed end mailer) is a module added to your inline finishing line. In conjunction with your folding and rotary cutting system, this self contained module will produce sealed envelopes, encasing the sensitive material. The folded and sealed material continues as a web to be finished cut and delivered through your rotary cutter. Digitally address the envelope prior to the delivery and the products are post office ready.


A simplified description of how this unit operates is best understood in these 3 steps.

Step 1 - The top ribbon enters the cutter and is trimmed to size. The cutting section uses the patented “soft-cut” knives cutting against an anvil cylinder. The anvil cylinder is pre-drilled for pins to remove the gap trim from the pieces to be encased in the envelope.


Step 2 - The bottom ribbon is glued in a pattern prior to being folded at the out-feed.


Step 3 - The cut to size top ribbon pieces are introduced at the out feed during the folding of the envelope encasing and sealing the pieces on all four sides.

This stout, rigid module houses a gluer, cutter, infeed and out-feeds within 3-1/2” steel frames. Independent drives provide the ultimate in speed and tension control.



  • Cut sizes:  One half, one third, or one fourth press repeat
  • Minimum width:  3-1/2" insert
  • Maximum width:  9" insert
  • Trim chip size:  1-1/4" to 2-3/8"

A design is available for most press sizes.  Minimum and maximum size specifications will change accordingly.



  • Economical soft-cut knives reduce on going cost in consumables. These knife blocks are easy to mount and may be rebuilt in house. On the run micro-adjustment similar to the full size rotary cutter assures consistent cutting at speed.

  • High velocity jets strip the gap chip from the pins in the anvil. The chips are transferred to the central scrap system through an integral mounted vacuum hood strategically mounted at the anvil cylinder.

  • Independent servo drives assure accurate and quick adjustment in set-up regardless of product size.

  • Precision tension and gain is push button controlled and displayed in digital readouts.

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