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Ribbon Shifters

These units are custom designed and retrofitable specifically to add additional capability to existing press installations. Compact but stout, these devices were intentionally designed to be light in weight. In most circumstances, this allows for installation over existing equipment without additional floor supports. Bay rollers are also furnished for flexibility in job layout. Each unit features the same standard equipment and features as the ILF custom angle bar package. Portable designs are also available.










Common uses for this design include:

  • Adding an additional web or ribboning capability to an existing inline system
  • Expanding product capabilities on existing folders
  • Interleaving pages for newspaper


  • Designed for speeds to 2500 FPM (760 MPM).
  • Floor mounted or stacked depending upon application.  Can be stacked on press folders, plow stands and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Available in one and two web(s) in; one, two to six ribbons out.
  • Primary function is to stack multiple ribbons directly on top of each other by respositioning the ribbons.
  • Driven, hardened infeed roller which can be used for slitting, perforating and edge trimming.
  • Independent idler lead out roller for each ribbon.
  • Angle bars incorporate manual gross adjustment with motorized fine adjustment of +/- .5" (+/- 12.7mm)
  • Movable air angle bars mounted on precision ball bushings.
  • Full page compensators per application.
  • Stop / Jog controls included on control panel.  Available to match most press configurations.
  • Special coated low friction angle bars drilled for air floatation (blower, if required, is optional).
  • Compact, easy makeready.
  • Portable designs available.
  • Custom designs available.


  • Available in 20, 26, 38, and 57" widths
  • Manual gross adjustment of angle bar, motorized fine adjustment of +/- .5"
  • One web in, two ribbons out shifts one ribbon
  • One web in, three ribbons out shifts two ribbons
  • Two webs in, four ribbons out shifts two ribbons, etc.
  • Maximum shift is half the web width
  • Maximum ribbon is half the web
  • One full page compensator per shifted ribbon
  • Bay roller arrangements for each shifted ribbon

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