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Folding Systems


There are a variety of methods to fold inline to the running direction of the web. ILF has developed a number of choices to provide the best folding method for the application. By selecting a folding method specifically for the products to be produced, performance will be optimized. Dedicated cover lines, preprinted roll converting, digital inline finishing now have a choice. ILF can supply more than just simple plows. Some of the variables to be considered in selecting a folding system are:


  • Heatset
  • Coldset / Non Heatset
  • Direct mail inline
  • Insert production inline
  • Cover production inline
  • Prefolder inline
  • Offline
  • Total number of folds to the line
  • Run size

By analyzing these conditions ILF will customize a package to assure optimum performance of the folding systems intended use.


Folding System Designs


Each equipment design has a specific function.  It is important to provide the best folding technique to optimize performance.

  • Prefolders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Geometric / Rotary
  • Inline folding towers . . . . . . . . . . . Rotary
  • Envelope and microburst. . . . . . . . Static / Rotary
  • Cover and insert production. . . . . . Geometric / Rotary
  • Mini plows  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Static

Geometric Folding Heads



ILF has designed a geometric folding package to optimize our folding options.  Incorporated in a cover production system, the benefits are self evident.  This addition produces the highest quality coated products with minimal effort in conjunction with the M2 package.


* Single adjustment setup reduces web outs

* Ideal for short run covers

* Air loaded maintains quality of high gloss finish

* Former quality folding

* Packages available for reduced floor space






Because the geometic folding heads are air loaded, they are ideal for prefolding.  Units can be packaged to fit almost anywhere through the use of servo drives.


Coldset / Non-Heatset


Other plow designs (rotary and static plows) mark and distort the wet image on air dry inks.  This is the only method available for effective use in the coldset process.


High Speed Rotary Plows


High speed rotary plows are the industry standard for most inline systems.  These proven folding heads are unique in design by minimizing the dead spots by incorporating support roller segments to accomodate any ribbon size.  Fine adjustment is accomplished on a rack and pinion assembly.


Exclusive to the ILF design is an arc adjustment to tilt forward or back for the ultimate in fine tuning.  Other systems are only capable of vertical adjustment.


Static Plows


They are still quite effective for specific applications where the fold is in gutters or envelopes.  These areas are not seen in the finished product.  Some common uses include micro burst and are generally furnished with wet gluer applications.  Most portable mini plows are static plows.

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